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You've seen nothing.

2009-04-01 16:47:36 by gufu

At all.

Well, "50 frames collab" is out

2008-06-22 16:15:29 by gufu

The link to the collab itself.

Yes, I have not recieved a co-authorship of the flash. But such fact is irrelevant. It is out. My only work of flash to be published on newgrounds. That is a great thing for my, attention whoring self.

Yes, obviously making a few MCs and then simply moving them around. Almost no FBF. Simple, annoying, crap. Correct? But netherless, it took quiet some time and 42 pages of a topic, for it to exist.

It is highly unlikely what the fourth part will exist, but maybe... just maybe... I'll join it, if it existed. I haven't used flash in ages. Sad, really. I am not sure if I would be able to make a good flash, outside of collab for quiet some time. But hey, at least flash has some fun drawing tools.

Please enjoy the piece of work what "50 frames collab" is. It would make my day, better. :)

Save the Pyro!

2008-05-05 17:55:01 by gufu

Save the pyro!

Dear VALVE corporation. Over the course of a few months you have released quiet a few "Meet the" machinima videos for each class from your computer game "Team Fortress 2". But there is one class served unjustly - the Pyro. This class is already under high amounts of imbalances in which the class almost never comes out as a winner. It is sad to see the same character to be insulted, as he is forced to die in every "Meet the" movie to date. We, the people who care about the Pyro, are against that. While it is easy to understand what Pyro is suppose to be alike of Kenny from "South Park", it is bothersome how Pyro is misrepresented. Yet, even if his deaths in the videos representing him as the enemy of the class explained in the video is required - please do not kill him in the possible future "Meet the" machinima with him as a main protagonist. Please, hear the voices of the players and give the Pyro that day of which he would dream of (if he existed of course). Thank you for your time of reading this petition.

Yes, a petition. Someone had to do it! Anyway, this point is not a lie and must be shown to everyone! Go out and show your support for Pyro! Do it for him. Do it for balance. Do it for humanity!

Anyway, enjoy the view. And no, this isn't related to any political party views. Great!

Movies, remixes, and collaborations.

2008-04-16 21:43:49 by gufu

Ok - great to see many people getting used to use"Embed Video" feature. So, enjoy the mindless spam, while it lasts. Now that YouTube is step closer with Newgrounds, they will soon become one, and then we'll combine with google. Think of possibility of googling flash files and then ste... watching them all. Or the goood ones at least. Ok, done with that - let's go on!

Back at YouTube I have a video with a music of my mix. This is a little mix of track number 8 (Hurricane Strings) and random sounds from Half-Life... well not really random, really. Why am I posing this here? I am asking for help (Everyone - go :/ ). amd I allowed to sumbit the track as a mix? Or no, due to legal issues? So, give me your answer - and here is the video:

/* */
And at last - the 50 frames collab is done and is soon to be released. Well, or at least I hope so. So vote 3-5, and have fun watching it. And I hope it'll make it all the way to front page. A nice prelude - don't you think?

Join now! The spots are disappearing! Free fame FTW!

Alright men - today, and perhaps for mor, your assigment is to infiltrate the topic's stronghold and to augment their creation with your knowledge and abilities! Yes, you muist help them - for they are the only way to allow for new artists to show their talent! So be quick and efficent - like a snake with legs! It is just 50 frames - you CAN and MUST assist in it's creation! Move out men! Oh, and I have also submitted a few things:

Join the 50 frame collab now! This is your last chance for free fame! Repeat that to me, soldier!

Join the 50 frame collab now! This is your last chance for free fame!

2008-03-13 19:22:20 by gufu

Click the link to see the topic.

Beware:Time is fast, so get ready!

Ok, so as my first try to become anyhow known on newgrounds, other than trying to burn my brains out in stupidity of General forums and ignorance of some people in political forum - I have joined a 50 frame collab. It's quick and it's painless. It's simple... or so I thought. You can add lots of stuff in 50 frames! That 2.3 second! I entered 2 parts, and I am working on the third one. Why am I tellling this to the world? Because the collab needs more people and views! While we are pretty sure it will be front-paged - we netherless want to have quiet a few people to see it themselfs. I find the collab as a great way to begin (though I mentioned this fact) to work with flash. Well, I seemed to have gotten a great timing for that.

Anyway, join now! It's for the best!

Gufu, over & out

P.S. It's unknown if anything interesting to make a little report for will come out. So, don't wait.

P.P.S. Saving an epic linkage! It is here.

"Oh my god! Hentai is evil!"... enough alredy!

2008-02-17 19:05:44 by gufu

Please not what author is moderate and therfore does not majorly agree/disagree with either side.

People! Stop this! This is getting annoying! I am alredy tired of the threads in which main subject is:"Hentai is eval! Everyone must agree". I agree to some extent with that statement, but there is art of me which says one word:"STOP!"

I myself am not against/for hentai, and my basic philosophy is this:You don't like it - you don't look at it. I don't like it, therfore I don't look at entries featuring hentai or related material. Both sides completely fail at this problem. There is such thing, as a "Mature" section and AO rating. There, it IS enough. I don't enter those areas, and neither should you if you don't like hentai. Hey - the only time any hentai actually was featured outside of "Mature" section was the "Teen Titans:Starfire Hentai" in the weekly 10. That was the only time. Everything is locked away, and everyone should be perfectly happy, except those few who think hentai is evil adultery. blah, I don't know - it's your choice!

And here comes the second wave of hentai posting - the guys who put hentai in their profile. One of them is named Phantox. He came into attention in the topic called Phantox: Part Of The Ng Cancer. After scanning through his profile, I found what he had created 2 Stick Movies, 3 Hentai Galleries, Tutorial on creation on basic buttons, Hentai quiz, and 2 Hentai Adventure Games. As you can see, hentai is not his only interest. But netherless, he is also known to post lots of hentai images in his journal (funnily enough to recieve positive comments, from what I saw). This brings the Hentai controversy once again into the light. While the newgrounds comunity will usually respond with "he sux/he ownz" comments, lets think again - is it an actual danger to anyone? Yes, some people WILL click his account and may encounter hentai, but the information they have searched for will still be present. He is not an artist and publishes the hentai, so he doesn't really do much more than sharing it. The main problem would be finding the unwanted hentai if one enters Phantox's profile page. I believe what there should be warning to all those who enter... but obviously that will attract more people. But that is all for now on that situation, and you are the ones to judge.

In another thread, called Why I Hate Hentai/anim. Porn On Ng (Note what it's locked) we find a person who have created an alternative account so he have a chance to speak out openly against hentai flash/picture creators/distributers. He have quoted the english version of the bible to prove his points, but at the end have achieved nothing, but failure to explane his views in other ways other than "Scare tactics". Me being a person, always out to fight religious ignorance of any kind, have particepated in the topic, but the author did not respond to my reply. And at the end, the topic was finaly locked.

P.S. I again repeat, none of my views are affected by anything, I will try to contact some particapants of this story if possible and they do agree.

P.P.S. The hell? I seem to have accidently pressed near the "Favorite the entry..." button, because I seemed to accidentl favorite one of the flashes of the author, mentioned above. I have completely no idea how did this happen. Please be aware of this accident.


2007-10-12 22:42:49 by gufu

My reviews become somewhat simplistic... too simplistic for my like. sad... I hope my reviewing skills will improve

I became somewhat active on the site. A few reviews here and there, a blam at horrible What-ya-might-call-it. Oh and piece of cake!